Incorporation & Registration

Register as a Corporation, limited liability corporation (LLC), Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership, Not For Profit or Charitable organization. Get a free business plan plus 50% off your first website and more. Open HST, Payroll, Import/Export

ERP, CRM & DB-Management

Allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business & automate many back office functions related to technology, services, accounting, human resources, sales...

Web Design & E-Commerce

Increase your sale & business reach. Keep your customers up to date on their mobile phones, computers, tablets, & many other browsing devices about your products, services, & promotions.

Marketing & Advertising

Our marketing team is dedicated to planning & handling advertising & other forms of promotions. We can also handle your overall  branding strategies including sales

Programmable Voice & Text

Create a professional contact center, build mobile phone ordering, create GPS tracing Security Apps

Security And Surveillance

Contact your clients directly from your website, Build mobile shopping Apps, or Connect with facebook...

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Plan, Register Or Incorporate

 When you are starting a new business, your first decision you have to make is about the business structure that is the most appropriate for your business. we can help you to develop an effective plan, select the right structure, and register or incorporate the business name or number.

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Build Your Online Presence

Get a fully responsive and mobile-friendly website. Build your company or personal credibility and gain the trust of new and existing clients and customers. Each day Millions of people search the web both for new and old things.  Increase your sale and business reach. Keep your customers up to date.

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Manage Tasks & Service Quality

Manage your business and automate many back office functions. Collect invoices, log employee time sheet, warehouse management, stock picking, human resource center, contact management, Point Of Sale (POS) and many more features.

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Execute A Effective Marketing Campaign. 

Create and or execute a marketing plan dedicated to your business by creating, planning, and handling advertising and other forms of promotion and marketing. We can also handle your overall marketing and branding strategies and promotions, including sales

Professionalism comes standard.

We include everything you need to build and launch your business online. We also provide the tools to market and attract a new audience. If you run into any issues, we're here 24/7.
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Simplicity & Design 

Our easy-to-use website builder helps you create a professional, mobile-friendly site in no time. SEO tools, online store capabilities, all your marketing tools are linked so you can easily send a beautiful HTML Email, Invoice, Reminder and all CRM and ERP feature working together as a whole. 
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Builtin Search Optimization

Make your website visible to millions of views and acceptable by thousands of search engines and directories instantly the way you want to be presented.

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30-day money back Guarantee

If you feel Zillian Group isn't for you within 30 days we'll give you your money back,o questions asked.

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Best apps on the web

Create an online store, start a blog, or set up a photo gallery. All the best apps are available. manage your invoices create work orders, Full accounting and much more.

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Built in Analytics & Dashboard

Monitor and track your business performance with the analytics tool included with your account. Track Pages and like to see you performance for better optimization


Quality with quantity. Equip your self with the correct tools to boost your success

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